Oct 252011
Authors: Madi Scuggs

It’s hard for a CSU fashionista to keep up her sense of style with a thin wallet. If the money doesn’t keep her away from a Friday night shopping session, it’s her lack of time. Sound familiar?

Because of college students’ busy schedules, the craft craze is growing increasingly more popular. More fashion-conscious women are turning to their closets to transform what they’ve already got, in exchange for purchasing something brand new.

Many yearn to turn their shabby, never worn wardrobe leftovers into something fresh and new, but lack the specific set of skills (namely sewing) that they think they need to crank out one of these creations. However, there are projects that need only a bit of ingenuity and creative thinking to turn something bleak into something completely wearable.

For this project, all you need is a men’s button down shirt a few sizes larger than what you normally wear. My shirt of choice was $5 at the local Goodwill, but you can always grab a hardly-worn piece from your boyfriend’s closet as well (and if you end up thrifting one like I did, be sure to wash the shirt before wearing).

The following steps will help you turn an ordinary men’s shirt into a chic, front-buttoned skirt that is versatile enough for all seasons.

1. Begin by opening up your shirt and tucking the collar so it’s facing inward.

2. Take the button-down and wrap it around your natural waist, making sure to center the tucked-in collar so it presses against your lower back.

3. Button the shirt around your stomach so the makeshift waistband is snug against your waist. Continue to button the shirt all the way down as you would with a normal top.

4. Bring the arms of the shirt around to the front, adjusting them as you bring them to the front of the skirt so the shoulder area lies smooth against your hips.

5. Tie the arms in a knot or bow in the front of your piece, adjusting them so the knot rests at the top of the skirt.

6. Finish of the look with accessories and revel in your new, handmade clothing item!

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