Oct 252011
Authors: Hannah Woolums

To wake up every morning with no recollection of the last twenty years of your life would leave most people insane. In S.J. Watson’s novel “Before I Go To Sleep,” Watson pulls his readers into an addicting and enthralling tale of Christine’s life, a life without a memory.

Due to an “accident” that happened about twenty years ago, Christine’s life was drastically changed. Every morning when she wakes up, she is unable to recognize the man asleep next to her in bed, or even herself when she looks in the mirror. Christine’s memory is erased every night when she falls asleep; she is only able to remember the events in her life for one day.

With the help of Dr. Nash and the words in her journal, which she has been writing in for the past few weeks, she is able to read about the days that she can no longer remember.

Every day, a new scenario presents itself and Christine begins to suspect that the people closest to her are conspiring with the lies she is told. She also fears that some of them played a major role in the “accident” that caused her amnesia.

As she tries to figure out who to trust, she realizes startling facts about who she was before her memory loss. The people she trusts most may be keeping more secrets from her than they let on. As Christine’s suspicions heighten, regaining her memory becomes not only a priority, but a race against time before she loses it all over again.

“Before I Go To Sleep” is an addicting thriller that will leave you breathless. Although it contains a few dull moments, it is an overall mind-blowing read. With shocking new realizations around every corner, the reader is able to feel as one with Christine. Her pain and frustration is presented in a way that will leave you sympathetic and angry for her and her situation. It will make you want to hold out a hand to help her and leaves your mind reeling after the last page.

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