Oct 242011
Authors: Amy McDaniel

The brave little coffee bean’s life starts out normal enough, growing inside the protective cocoon of his cherry fruit mother on a humble coffee tree in the tropics.

But like all other coffee beans, the serenity of his birth is quickly yanked away and he is unwillingly hurled into a whirlwind voyage filled with torture, humiliation and sacrifice for the pleasure of others.

At the tender age of three he is plucked from the only home he’s ever known, and his mother is stripped from him through brutal fermentation: drowning, scouring and vicious rubbing leaves the little bean utterly alone and embarrassingly naked.

Terrified, the brave little coffee bean’s shame is palpable. But he dries quietly in the sun with the other victims, with a dignity that is admirable among his peers.

Some of them came from the foothills of Columbia, others from the jungles of Ethiopia. Separated based on color and size, the beans all share a common fate. They know their time is limited. Some survive eight years before they are sacrificed; others up to three years; but the unlucky ones have little more than a year before their demise.

The veterans watch on as the young coffee bean is taken for roasting. The brave little coffee bean endures scorching 400-degree heat, and is mutated to twice his normal size, changing color and seeping oils from every orifice. Defenseless, he is forced to travel many miles to an unknown land, where he awaits…the grinder.

The poor little coffee bean is shredded into pieces, ground to almost dust and forced through scalding water…

And drips in to my cup.


Thank you brave little coffee bean, you gave your life to enrich mine.

Rest In Peace.

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