Oct 232011
Authors: Kate Winkle

With half of the semester over, and midterm grades coming back, students may be realizing that college courses are complex, and sometimes studying just doesn’t cut it.

Fortunately, there are many tutoring resources available to CSU students wishing to fix a failing grade or better understand course material.

Math, Physics, Chemistry and Biology are some of the most popular subjects for tutoring, according to Christie Yeadon, the associate director of learning programs for The Institute for Learning and Teaching (TILT) at CSU.

“TILT offers the Arts and Sciences Tutoring Program for some of the classes that have been known to have the highest rates of D’s, F’s and withdrawal rates,” Yeadon explained.

TILT’s Arts and Sciences Tutoring program helps students enrolled in these difficult subjects in the form of free group tutoring in the Great Hall Sunday through Thursday from 5-10 p.m. Students need to check the schedule to determine which nights tutors are available, Yeadon said.

Another tutoring option is through Eagle Feather Tutoring, a program sponsored by CSU’s Native American Cultural Center (NACC). Students can either make an appointment with designated tutors, or walk into the NACC office for help with specific subjects.

While group tutoring sessions are helpful, different departments also offer one-on-one meetings.
Kenneth Monks is a private tutor for the math department, who described a typical hour-long tutoring session he conducts at the Alley Cat Cafe.

“We’ll go through any homework problems they were stuck on and also often, I’ll lend additional perspective on any material that they found confusing in lecture,” Monks said.

While Monks’ patronage relies mainly on word-of-mouth, RamTutor.com, a site created in August 2010 by private math tutor Blue Hovatter, connects tutors and students online.

“The main idea is to link students to the private tutors they need to be successful, and to provide tutors a space to list their services and find jobs,” Hovatter said.

Students can search the site for specific classes and connect with an advertised tutor in that area, or request one if one is not available, Hovatter said.

“Once you have had a quality experience with a tutor, you realize the benefits that tutoring can offer,” Hovatter explained. “Tutoring is not just for students looking to hang onto a passing grade, but also for those who really want a deeper understanding of the material.”

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