Oct 232011
Authors: Collegian Editorial Board

With the upcoming anniversary of the inception of RamRide in 2003, the Collegian editorial board would like to officially wish a happy birthday –– and say thank you –– to the coolest eight-year-old we know.

On Oct. 24, eight years ago, coordinators kicked off the first night of operation with only a few cars and volunteers. Since then, RamRide has driven 147,419 students home and grown into a well-established program that has saved students’ time, money and possibly lives.

And while the program has saved us cab fees and maybe court fees, we students have to recognize that this alternate designated driving option is made possible by people just like us.

RamRide volunteers give up their valuable weekend nights to drive drunk strangers home and, occasionally, through the Taco Bell drive-thru. Other students, ASCSU members to be exact, have donated their time and energy to making the program what it is today.

Now offering its service Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights, the program has decreased its wait times and operates up to 20 vehicles. RamRide also gives student organizations a chance to raise money for causes and events by volunteering as drivers and navigators.

So, next time you’re riding home comfortably and safely in a RamRide car, thank your drivers and realize how much the often-overlooked program changed CSU, Fort Collins and our overall college experience.

After all, you could have been walking.

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