Oct 202011
Authors: Collegian Editorial Board

The death of Moammer Gadhafi marks not just the death of one person, but the end of four-decade long nightmare for the Libyan people.

And with the end of this nightmare comes a beginning, an opportunity for Libya’s burgeoning rebel movement to create a lasting and stable government, one not plagued with the tyranny that defined Gadhafi’s rule.

Though Gadhafi’s death is a certainly a victory, hopefully the death of one hateful person will not lead to more hate, that it instead will lead to a rule motivated by the very opposite.

And as Libya moves toward a new government and new national ideology, it will inspire other nations to abandon their tyrannical leaders and to adopt new ideologies.

Hopefully the revolution in Libya will resonate outside of Libya.

Moving forward, the United States has a challenge to ignore its impulses to interfere in the creation of a new Libyan government, to offer aid to the rebel movement without directing policy.

Failed efforts to install successful governments in Iraq and Afghanistan have proven that westernized government is not realistic in Islamic countries, and hopefully the United States will learn its lesson, and instead allow the Libyan rebels to install a government organic to their own culture.

And regardless of whether Libya ultimately adopts a western-style democracy or some other form of government, hopefully this revolution will ultimately lead to reform and stability, rather than a step backwards. Hopefully Gadhafi’s death will herald a new, radically different era, rather than the entrance of another tyrannical leader.

Hopefully the end of this nightmare for the Libyan people signifies an awakening.

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