Oct 192011
Authors: Maureen Kosse

I’m writing to express my frustration at the column printed today, entitled “The Rosetta Stone for speaking woman”.

Under the guise of wit, Mayo reinforces stereotypes that are archaic, and to be perfectly honest, stupid. By making sweeping generalizations about “the female brain,” comparing communication with women as “basically like walking in an insane asylum,” she sides with outdated patriarchal views in order to be funny, thus justifying sexism (both internal and external), which we as learners and future leaders should be trying to eradicate.

She states that women are “egotistical creatures” who know “deep down that we will always come second to beer/snowboarding/setting things on fire”. She paints a picture of women as if there were only one type of woman, and that they are second-class, irrational and hysterical beings not worthy of respect (except for her of course; her biting wit and cultural critique make her a veritable Noam Chomsky and thus outside of the breeding-animal category of “typical female”).

Yes, I understand that this is a humor piece, but I see nothing substantial to indicate that what she writes doesn’t conflict with her personal beliefs; being a woman doesn’t exempt her from being wildly prejudiced. So while some may say this is a joke, in a culture constantly invalidating women’s thoughts and feelings, dismissing them as “crazy,” it’s disappointing to see a woman adding to that prejudice in the demeaning manner of which Mayo seems so fond.

P.S. “Klingon” is spelled with a K.

Maureen Kosse is a junior languages, lit and cultures major.

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