Oct 192011
Authors: Michael Elizabeth Sakas

Her last name has become a staple for indie-pop lovers and their meticulously crafted playlists since her first major release, “Let it Die,” in 2004, and her highly popular follow-up, “The Reminder,” in 2007.

Leslie Feist was 15 years old when she started her music carrier, and in her 20 years since, she has made her distinctive voice heard. She toured with Merrill Nisker of Peaches in the early 2000s, and supplied backup vocals for recordings and performed in her music videos. In 2001 she re-formed the Canadian baroque pop band Broken Social Scene, and in 2004 she co-wrote and preformed on Kings of Convenience’s album “Riot on an Empty Street.”

“Metals,” Feist’s fifth album release, is focused on her. The 13 folky-infused songs seem to be her moment to take a breath and reflect on her time thus far, and what’s to come.

The album starts with a strong Fleet Foxes influence of echo-y guitars and strong, stomp-y strumming. It’s really difficult to understand the lyrics of the first few tracks (be sure to look them up), but her high-pitched voice is still as interesting as ever.

Although Feist’s music has always shown a folk influence, this album leans more toward it, rather than the poppy-euro sound she experimented with in “The Reminder.”

Her high-pitched vocals are backed and contrasted with the deep voice of Bry Webb, from the Canadian band Constantines. There are also duets with Vanessa Carlton and Marina and the Diamonds later in the album.

The lyrics allude to nature’s innate capability to change, to move and to adapt. She sings on the third track, “Got to see the light, and land on top of the sea, and be the bird, be the key. And now the current tells what the wave withheld, and then the lightning say, oh where light will lay…”

There are a lot of ups and downs on this album, both with Feist’s attitude and song pace. It moves from quiet contemplation to quick and loud moments of found confidence, which culminates into her most sincere album yet.

Michael Elizabeth Sakas is a senior English major, as well as the station manager for 90.5 KCSU. She can be reached at verve@collegian.com.

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