Oct 182011
Authors: Hannah Tran

The southern end of College Avenue is a completely different story than its northern counterpart. Businesses and pedestrians are lacking within the northern end of Fort Collins.

The River District Project hopes to change this by making use of the empty lots and resurfacing the area with new tiles, curbs, sidewalks, and furnishings.

“If you don’t have a good road and there’s potholes and things like that, people have a tendency not to go there,” said Darren Moritz, Pavement Management Program Manager.

The project mainly encompasses Linden Street, near the northern area of College Avenue.

Mark Laken, a civil engineer in Fort Collins, says that this specific area is in need of a drastic reformation.

“A lot of people who take art walks at night would take u-turns at Jefferson Street,” he said.

The project hopes to encourage businesses and pedestrians alike to use this area.

“We’re trying to encourage future development in this side of town,” said Laken.

The new walkways will potentially have more of a modern look and create an urban feel. Furnishings include benches as well as plants.

The area is also the site of the original “Fort,” in which the city was named. Placards will stretch along the site, each giving a short, historic description of the infrastructures that once stood in its spot.

“I think it’s going to encourage people to walk this way,” said Laken.

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