Oct 182011
Authors: Erik Carman

Cannabis Science Inc., a Colorado-based medicinal marijuana biotech company that develops pharmaceutical cannabis products, has developed a formula it said can treat cancer.

Earlier this month, the company announced plans for the drug to go into circulation by the end of October. It will be released first in two unspecified Colorado cities. Colorado will be the only state thus far to administer the drug to patients, though the company hopes to expand worldwide.

“We are a global company with a global solution to a global problem,” said Cannabis Sciences’ Investment Relations Manager Robert Kane.

The drug works by utilizing the tumor killing properties of ceratin compounds found in marijuana, and its ability to inhibit growth in a variety of cancers.

Kane said he would, “love to see people benefit from (cannabis) cancer medicines enough to get FDA approval,” adding that, once the success of the medication is seen in Colorado, he expects to see if being used in other states and countries.

“People should have this as an option,” Kane stated, noting the importance of a viable alternative to the medications offered by the present system.

Former Fort Collins Mayor and Executive Board Member of Concerned Citizens of Fort Collins Ray Martinez said efforts to get the drug FDA approved are being done all wrong.

“The FDA needs to monitor the process,” Martinez said.

Hannah Getzen, a junior music therapy major, said she felt something that could in any way improve the quality of a cancer patient’s life should absolutely be pursued.

“If you gave it [the drug] a generic name, and it wasn’t called marijuana, people wouldn’t hesitate to support it.” Getzen said.

However, according to Laura Kriho, president of the Cannabis Therapy Institute, marijuana and cannabis-related medications should be available to everyone.

“Never has a medication treated so many conditions so effectively,” Kriho said.

Kriho said that since the 30’s, pharmaceutical companies have been, at least in part, responsible for the prohibition of marijuana, saying that the sale of such drugs would interfere the sale of similar pharmaceutical medications.

But according to Martinez, dispensaries are more concerned with making money than treating patients, using the recent unionization between local dispensaries and the food industry union in Denver as an example.

Martinez said he supports the use of any drug, as long as it undergoes the scrutiny of the FDA.

“Some people really do need it,” Martinez said. “But I want to see it done through the FDA.”

Martinez added that testing of medicinal marijuana by the FDA would allow doctors to inform patients of any dangers and hazards involved.

“As of now,” Martinez said. “No research has been conducted.”

Collegian writer Erik Carman can be reached at news@collegian.com.

The Drug

The drug will be released in two cities in Colorado

Product is expected to be released at the end of the month

Cannabis Science aims to help cure cancer across the globe

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