Yays and Nays 10/18/11

Oct 172011
Authors: Collegian Staff Report

Yay | to us being good sports after our humiliating loss to Boise State on Saturday. Sure, it was just because of the booze, but who cares?

Nay | to all the group projects during this time in the semester. If we wanted to awkwardly meet up with people we don’t know at weird places in the library, we’d just hire a prostitute.

Yay | to Zachary Quinto coming out of the closet. We always knew he was half Vulcan, half Anderson Cooper.

Nay | to the rising listeria death toll. Cantaloupe should never be worth dying for. Bacon, on the other hand…

Yay | to Halloween costume planning. Just remember: it’s important to look like a floozy. Always.

*Nay |*to the recent violent winds in Fort Collins. Girrrl, we hate getting to class with our hair lookin’ all wack!

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