Oct 172011
Authors: Madi Scruggs

Many Rams would tell you that their daily classroom attire consists of their comfiest pair of sweatpants and a t-shirt they dug out of the bottom of their drawer.

However, there are some students who cherish the feeling of putting pieces of their outfit together before class; of building ensembles around kooky hats or stunning skirts. It may take a little bit longer in the morning, but for those fashion-conscious students at CSU, it’s all worth it to treat the sidewalks like their own personal runway.

Danielle Egeler, a junior international studies major, is one of these students. But Egeler doesn’t look to the American runways for fashion inspiration; she turns instead to the street styles of Japan.

Egeler dresses in a style that many refer to as the ‘Harijuku Girl’ look, one that consists of full skirts, bright tights, fun hats, and more pieces inspired by the women of Japan.

Egeler spent two months studying abroad in Japan last summer, recalling the experience with fondness.

“I just felt like I fit in more there,” Egeler said. “Everything kind of meshed with my personality more.”

After Egeler eventually returned to America, she incorporated ‘Harijuku style’ into her everyday routine.

“I take a lot longer to get ready than your average person that throws on sweats and a t-shirt,” Egeler said.

However, she doesn’t choose to see the extra time in the morning as a bad thing.

“I feel like the added time is really important to me […] I like to look nice, and it’s fun for me. Getting dressed is the highlight of my day, as weird as that sounds.”

Egeler tries out many different Japanese trends, including the ‘Lolita’ look consisting of bows and Victorian-era inspired pieces. Yet, mainly, Egeler will pick out original outfits she concocts herself.

“There are times when I will lay awake at night and just kind of put together outfits in my head. I also do this during classes, because I have trouble focusing so I’ll just sit there and doodle outfits. It’s funny, because class tends to be one of my best brainstorming sessions for my outfits,” Egeler said.

While Egeler does not plan to pursue a career in fashion (instead studying International Studies), she remains true to her personal sense of style and originality.

“I just do what I want to do,” Egeler said with a shrug.

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