Oct 172011
Authors: Collegian Editorial Board

In David Foster Wallace’s 1996 novel “Infinite Jest,” he writes about a future in which corporate sponsors have subsidized time.

Instead of a numerical year like 2000, it is the Year of the Depend Adult Undergarment.

Wallace’s novel with years like Year of the Whopper is pure parody, but here at CSU we can see something similar happening.

In today’s Collegian are two stories in which we can see corporate sponsorship of our supposedly public institution.

This summer, CSU signed a 10-year contract with Coca-Cola Refreshments. In the wake of that deal, CSU has created a new Beverage Institute and announced Monday a $1 million Water Scholars Program with Chinese universities.

Along this same vein, CSU’s Student Leadership, Involvement and Community Engagement office (SLiCE) is sponsored by the Fort Collins-based company OtterBox.

Also this year many CSU and CU-Boulder students might have enjoyed the Cinch Jeans Rocky Mountain Showdown.

What comes next –– the Trojan Ultra Ribbed Lubricated Student Center? It might not be too far off given our state’s abysmal funding of higher education.

It’s good to see our school become creative in times of economic crisis, and deals like this are not uncommon, but what happens if it goes too far? What happens if our school –– deprived of state funding –– must solely rely on these corporate sponsorships to function?

Clearly now is the time to address the funding of higher education, unless we want to be showing our parents around a student center named after condoms.

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