Oct 162011
Authors: Allison Knaus

CSU’s student government has chosen a person to fill the new sustainability coordinator position.
The former assistant to the sustainability coordinator, Seth Danner, will fill the coordinator role effective Oct. 14, according to Associated Students of CSU President Eric Berlinberg.

On Sept. 30 the sustainability coordinator position was split into two individual jobs: the health coordinator and the sustainability coordinator. Each position is paid $1,750 per year.

Audrey Purdue, the former sustainability coordinator, was ratified into the new health coordinator position on Oct. 12. Her original position was part of an ASCSU initiative to contribute to the university’s goals of becoming a green university.

According to Purdue, Danner will pick up where she left off by trying to create sustainability programming for CSU, including a zero-waste event program to encourage compost and recycling.
“Student representation is vastly not there when it comes to sustainability on campus, and I think I can work hard to represent the student voice and continue to improve our green initiatives,” Danner said.

As Danner takes off in his new position, he said he plans on focusing on his passion of alternative transportation, specifically improving bicycle use on campus. With combined efforts from CSU’s Bicycle Advisory Committee, Danner hopes to increase student awareness and continue to have CSU lead as a bicycle-friendly university. Currently, CSU is ranked 11th among universities across the country for bicycle-friendly universities and was designated as a silver-level campus.

“Seth will offer a fresh perspective to the position and really knows what he’s talking about,” Purdue said. “With all of his ties on campus, he’ll be able to accomplish great things,” she said.

And while Danner takes over the sustainability coordinator position, Purdue will focus in on serving as a representative on the Student Health Advisory Board through the CSU Health Network and market health-related programming to students.

Purdue said her first plan of action in her new role is to implement no smoking in the dismount zones on campus. She is also working toward ASCSU involvement in a joint CU-Boulder and CSU fitness and nutrition grant funded through the Colorado Health Foundation to bring more student programming to campus.

“The position just feels natural to be split. One person should really just be focusing on the health component and the other on the sustainability component,” Purdue said.

Danner has been involved in ASCSU for multiple years and most recently served as the sustainability coordinator for the Anderson/Babos administration during 2010-2011. He currently works with CSU’s Bicycle Advisory Committee and the Sustainability, Energy, and Environment Advisory Committee.

According to Berlinberg, the splitting the position and hiring Danner will allow CSU to move above and beyond with its green initiatives.

“Seth has strong ties to different sustainability groups on campus and will be a fabulous addition to the ASCSU cabinet team,” Berlinberg said.

ASCSU Beat Reporter Allison Knaus can be reached at news@collegian.com.

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