Oct 132011
Authors: Bailey Constas

While spring semester may seem far away to some, course registration is just around the corner, and students are encouraged to meet with advisers to plan their upcoming schedule.

Whether a veteran or a freshman, picking the right classes can often be confusing, which is why the Center for Advising and Student Achievement (CASA) offers appointments to explain the registration process.

“I don’t even know where to sign up or the steps to do it,” said Natalie Holdet, an undeclared freshman.

While CASA, located on campus in the TILT building, is a good resource for students who have yet to declare a major, other students who are declared are assigned specific advisers through each college.
“Talking to your advisor in your major will help you choose the classes that will fit your major,” said Dean Helzer, CASA’s office manager.

As for undeclared students, they too can make appointments with advisers through CASA.

“Advisers will help set up exploring majors appointment that will help students figure out what classes they like or dislike,” said Jez Murphy, a CASA employee and junior business major.

“It takes about an hour, so students get really in depth with what they need to do,” Murphy added.
Appointments will include taking a personality mosaic to narrow down interests and help students find the appropriate direction and major.

All students, declared or not, need to make an appointment one to two weeks before the registration date listed on their RamWeb account. Each student’s exact date is different so it is imperative that RamWeb is checked, Murphy said.

“Make your appointment well in advance,” Murphy said, adding that all CASA advisers are already booked for the next week or two. “I just set up an appointment at the beginning of the semester.”

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