Oct 122011
Authors: Drew Thiele

With midterms and exams right around the corner, students and teachers are looking for anything to give them an edge.

StudyBlue.com, an online academic network, allows students and teachers to organize their academic load with a variety of study aids, as well as academic networking capabilities, tutor matchmaking and more.

StudyBlue Inc., the Wisconsin-based company that hosts the website, has helped revolutionize the way high school and college students study worldwide.

“Our service helped more than one in three University of Wisconsin in Madison students prepare for finals last year,” said StudyBlue Chief Executive Officer Becky Splitt in an email to the Collegian.
StudyBlue provides visitors with a user-friendly, secure network that offers a large variety of study tools. After creating a free account, users are given an online backpack that can be filled with separate folders for various subjects. These folders can be filled with notes uploaded from class or with virtual flashcards created on the site.

“I just began using StudyBlue,” said junior communications major Jordan Lillmars. “My favorite thing about it is the flashcards. They allow me to test myself and focus in the areas that I need the most help.”

When creating a new flashcard, students are asked to write in a term and its definition in a separate space, allowing users to quiz themselves online. StudyBlue then automatically measures the user’s mastery of the subject, taking into account the areas where they experienced the most difficulty.

The site also offers study reminders, sending text messages to students when it’s time for another online study session.

“I have a really busy schedule,” said senior business major Kayla Dawson. “Between work and school I can never find time to study. The study reminders help me plan out my schedule and allow me to study at the right times.”

According to the official StudyBlue website, teachers can also use the study tools to help engage their students, actively quiz them with the flashcard tool and measure their understanding of subjects discussed in class.

As for the influence of technology on students, some users think StudyBlue is a step in the right direction and a sign of what’s to come.

“Everything has its pros and cons,” Lillmars said. “Writing a note card is helpful but it’s even more helpful to have the computer track your progress and mastery of a subject.”

Collegian writer Drew Thiele can be reached at news@collegian.com.

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