Oct 122011
Authors: Jason Pohl

The Occupy Fort Collins movement continues to develop since its initial meeting Monday at the
intersection of College Avenue and Maple Street by planning walkouts and camping locations.

In the three days since its inception, the group has grown more organized and has planned a march from the Lory Student Center to their main gathering spot Thursday at 2:30 p.m. The walkout is part of a national event aimed at joining college students, faculty and the community in support of the movement advocating corporate justice and equality to citizens not in the elite 1 percent.

The expected turnout is unknown at this time, but advertisements have been posted around campus, advocating students to “tune in to the movement” and “occupy together.”

Also, the Fort Collins Bicycle Co-Op has agreed to allow the protesters to use its parking lot for tent and overnight use. This gives the group the option to truly occupy the area just north of Old Town without being in violation of the city’s overnight use laws.

By having overnight access during non-business hours, the group of dozens can begin creating medical divisions and libraries in a similar form as other movements around the country, the protesters say.

“What is making this group so important is that everyone has a voice,” said Eric Eisen, one of the facilitators of the Fort Collins movement. “We always have an open megaphone.”

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