IKEA: Making the Pilgrimage

Oct 122011
Authors: Madi Scruggs

It’s the home furnishings mecca- a blue and yellow beacon rising up from the concrete tangle of I-25, newly erected in Centennial, Colorado. Being one of the premier home furnishing stores in the world, the Swedish retailer’s impending arrival in Colorado was considered a long time coming for many in the area.

IKEA is not your average furniture store. When planning a visit, it’s best to set aside an entire day for shopping- after all, there’s a whole lot of store to see.

“You don’t have to buy anything; going there is an event,” Taylor Blomquist said.

The hour and a half journey to furniture heaven was nothing in the eyes of bargain-hungry CSU students, and even with the craziness and chaos of the store’s opening, hordes of students still continue to flock to the store.

When you first walk into IKEA, after climbing an enormous flight of stairs, you’re greeted by cubicles of furniture, like a bedroom sliced in half, lined up next to each other. You can view each one as you follow the specified path through the store.

“IKEA is this endless maze of creative home decorating,” Taylor Blomquist, a CSU freshman who visited the store this summer, said.

It’s a dream come true for the average college student. In order to keep prices down, IKEA’s products are mainly manufactured in developing countries. Because of this, a table, or in IKEA-speak, a “lack,” could run you as little as ten bucks.

Stephany Fox, CSU freshman and journalism major, also took a trip there before school started.

“Everything is super high quality and modern, but the prices are fantastic,” Fox said.

Even though the products run cheap, they come with a bit of a catch- most everything in the store is sold in ready-to-assemble form, meaning you’ve got to put some sweat and elbow grease into that “Benno” you’re taking home.

Eventually, the path will lead you to what you’ll want most desperately after walking past miles of display kitchens: a restaurant outfitted with cheap food. After shopping, you can indulge your Swedish appetite by ordering meatballs with lingonberry sauce or grilled cheese, if you’re just looking for a quick snack.

For many people, IKEA is worth the craziness. Even though the chance of getting elbowed out of the way for the last “Torna” is highly likely, filling your dorm or apartment with IKEA loot is worth the injuries.

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