Oct 112011
Authors: Erik Myers

The Collegian editorial board’s editorial response to Occupy Fort Collins might not be so nauseating if it weren’t for the “Higher Ed Apocalypse” editorial they ran less than a month ago.

“Colorado currently has one of the lowest tax rates in the country,” they wrote. “We cannot just sit by as our tuition continues to skyrocket.”

I have to wonder if this board realizes that affordable tuition plays a fundamental role in shrinking this country’s wealth disparity gap –– a very real mission of the Occupy movement. Instead, they determined the protest had no discernible purpose and its supporters were better off waiting for another cause.

Seriously though, where the hell have you been in the last three years? This is a huge moment for our generation, and you’re arguing that it’d be better to wait?

Even the mainstream media is dropping that shtick. In his article “Seasoned activists critique Wall Street protests,” Associated Press reporter Cristian Salazar wrote that “a coherent message has largely emerged: That ‘the 99 percent’ …are suffering as the 1 percent who control the vast majority of the economy’s wealth continue to prosper.”

Protests begin with a saturation of messages. Social justice history shows that things don’t crystallize immediately –– months and years of work eventually carve out leaders and specific large-scale demands.

I take no pride in criticizing this board when there are bigger fish to fry, but you ought to revisit this issue. There are too many points to fit here, so I invite members of the editorial board to come out to the walk out at 2:30 p.m. on Thursday in the Lory Student Plaza and talk to organizers and protesters.

Erik Myers is a Fort Collins resident and Collegian alum.

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