Oct 112011
Authors: Jordan Jacoby

Cars on campus may become obsolete in the near future, said Off-Campus Life Director Jeannie Ortega. So, in an effort to educate students on other possible modes of transportation, the Sensible Modes of Alternative Road Transportation (SMART) fair will hit the Plaza Wednesday morning.

More than 15 vendors will be hosting booths, dispensing transportation information and handing out freebies –– including 500 free LED bike lights given out by the office of Off-Campus Life.

Among these vendors are Transfort, Fort Collins Public Transportation department, and Zip-Car, a car rental program that allows students to get around town without having a vehicle of their own.

Transfort will be presenting a little-known program called FLEX, a bus system that goes from Fort Collins to Longmont to Denver. FLEX is free for CSU students who have their student IDs. However, once in Denver, the bus tickets will have a cost to other areas, something Ortega said they’re working on.

“It would be nice if buses were free in Denver, and that is something that we are looking into doing,” she said.

Another main point stressed by vendors is the positive effect of transportation alternative to personal vehicles.

“The number one benefit is efficiency,” said junior journalism major Evan Perez. “Riding a bike is guaranteed the most efficient way to get around campus as well as the northern part of town in general.”

“You have to learn that alternative transportation is cheaper, and it’s better for the planet,” said freshmen natural resource recreation and tourism major Chelsea Zamora. “It’s good for you by getting more exercise. So go do it.”

“I know people always ask who is going to Denver. Instead, take the bus: it fits more people, and you get to meet new people,” Zamora added.

According to Ortega, there are many other alternatives for transportation that most students don’t think about, including car pooling on campus, which is a way to cut down on emissions while interacting with other people.

“I think it is a really good program because the earth only has a certain amount of resources and alternatives such as carpooling is a great option,” said freshman biochemistry major Liz Strang.

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