Oct 112011
Authors: Collegian Editorial Board

Midterms have crushed us to our very souls. In between studying, drinking caffeine to prepare for studying and imbibing alcohol to cope with studying, we are absolutely exhausted.

And the bad news is that we still have weeks (a.k.a. way too long of a damn time!) until Thanksgiving Break.

That’s why the Collegian Editorial Board hereby officially advocates for a “fall break,” set to occur during the early weeks of October. Serving as an “extended long weekend,” the break would be for us exhausted college students to decompress, let off steam and get the energy to work hard until Thanksgiving Break.

High school, middle school and elementary school students get fall breaks, and they seem to be doing just fine. So why not give needy college students some love?

College classes are way harder and more demanding than high school classes, and unlike those freeloading elementary schoolers, we actually have jobs and social commitments.

A few days without class would be good for our professors as well. If we had a fall break, they would actually have free time to grade our midterms, and therefore would be able to spend more time with their families.

More importantly, Colorado complains about having no money for higher education. A few days without classes would reduce costs in some way, right? It’s a win-win for everybody!

So, students of CSU, stand behind us as we advocate for our rights and happiness, and join us in our cry: “Give us a break! Give us a break!”

And we mean a break from midterms, not a break off of a Kit Kat bar.

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