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There’s a great deal of unharnessed, undirected and uninformed angst brewing in cities around the country. Though I am certainly a supporter of civil disobedience, questioning authority and general rabble rousing, Occupy Wall Street lacks a clear message, organization, leadership and direction.

The masses are speaking, and it sounds like a cacophony of forest insects chanting angrily toward wealthy Americans and banks.

Kudos for recognizing the transfer of wealth that took place over the last several decades –– and a resounding and flatulent Bronx cheer for failing to recognize the power structure in this country.

Has Wall Street become obscenely wealthy in the recent past while the rest of the nation hit the economic skids? No argument here. But “how” and “why” must be answered before solutions become feasible.

Wall Street does not legislate. The majority of both parties willingly accept campaign donations from the major banks and corporations.

The president received more than $5.6 million in campaign donations from banks, clearing houses and international law firms in 2008. Should we blame the banks, clearing houses and firms for this complete and total lack of leadership or violation of his campaign promises?

The outrage presently misguided toward Wall Street, deservedly belongs to the D.C. politicians who rigged the system in favor of their donors and at the cost of the middle class.

Free market capitalism did not destroy the economy, crony capitalism and Keynesian spending policies did. This is just one of many areas the occupiers have wrong.

As Ron Paul explained to Jon Stewart just two weeks ago, a “true” free market uses the court system as the enforcer when fraud and embezzlement occur. You think banks would risk lending anywhere near 100 percent of a home’s value to a borrower with no discernible income in a free market?

Nope. The problems we are dealing with today are, without question, not solely the fault of Wall Street.

They are, definitively, the fault of the legislature that continues to put their political careers and reelection ahead of the overall good of the nation while accepting bribes from Wall Street.

Massive fraud artificially inflated the economy to unsustainable levels and it couldn’t happen without all three branches of the federal government assisting Wall Street.

We buy into the belief government can control the economy despite the evidence it cannot.

An undeniable/direct correlation exists between fundraising and successful campaigns.

Consequently, we elect these contemptible charlatans for empty promises and full wallets then protest in the streets when they make their donors wealthier with crony-capitalist legislation. Am I blaming the victim? Yep.

We the people have chosen to elect unproven and suspect candidates repeatedly and we grouse about the effects. Who can blame a population when the ability to learn has been successfully removed from public education? I will. We’ve grown so complacent, a movement like the Tea Party is widely panned by the media.

Surprising though you may find it, the Tea Party originated with the idea to force government to prosecute the massive fraud Wall Street perpetuated with D.C.’s help.

Is it a surprise they were so easily led astray based on what we all know of the education system and utter failures of the media to hold government accountable for the last 40 years? Not for me.

As one of the Tea Party’s original founders and economic analyst, Karl Denninger put it, “Tea Party my ass. This was nothing other than the Republican Party stealing the anger of a population that was fed up with the Republican Party’s own theft of their tax money at gunpoint to bail out the robbers of Wall Street and fraudulently redirecting it back toward electing the very people who stole all the ****ing money!”

Thus, when the current vice president says Occupy Wall Street could become a Tea Party for the left, he has no comprehension of how accurate his statement is –– I was caught off guard by the fact that Joe Biden possessed the ability to make a true statement.

However, from 2003-2008, Biden raised more than $7 million in campaign contributions from law firms, real estate, banking and securities.

The anger of OWS is too schizophrenic to define at this point. Many support the catch phrase, “We are the 99 percent.” Meaning, they are angry the top one percent of the population possesses the vast majority of wealth, a liberal talking point without question.

Yet the disconnect between the wealthy and the protesters is the wealthy know they paid quite well to buy Congress, as does Congress, but the protest doesn’t put the onus on Congress. Huh?

If the Tea Party and Occupy Wall Street want their movements to become successful, they absolutely must remove the undertones of the two parties and unify in protesting the decriminalization of fraud.

This can only succeed if the politicians will ensure the civil and criminal courts are allowed to work as intended, to hold criminals liable for their actions. But don’t hold your breath: Wall Street owns D.C.

Seth J. Stern wants to witness a civil uprising against corruption in D.C. His optimism appears Mondays in the Collegian.He can be reached at letters@collegian.com.

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