Oct 092011
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At a gay pride event in Pasadena last Saturday, a certain group of people seemed out of place –– no one, not even the diversity-accepting participants, expected a group of Marine recruiters to be among the crowd.

And we think this is pretty damn cool.

Because of last month’s DADT repeal, this is hopefully something we’ll be seeing a lot more of. If military branches want to make amends for the oppression they cast upon the gay community for so many years, they should actively pursue events like the one this past weekend in Pasadena.

But this display of recruiter support isn’t just about alleviating “bad feelings” between the military and the gay community.

Living in a post-DADT era will not only make the lives of gay recruits a little bit easier, but according to a Los Angeles Times article yesterday, it also may increase the overall quality of the current military enrollment.

In the article, a former Marine fighter pilot says the Marines had been accepting groups of recruits with “… tens of thousands of felony waivers, and they were taking people convicted of drug use.”

So even though the Marine Corps was the branch of military most adamantly opposed to the DADT repeal, they’re now setting an example for all the other branches –– those branches who also now need to begin treading in a previously uncharted recruitment territory.

Now, all the military can do is actively recruit and sheepishly ask the gay community, “No hard feelings…?”

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