Confused a Latte?

Oct 072011
Authors: Amy McDaniel

Ever found yourself staring at the menu board, arms crossed, with furrowed brow and wide eyes, letting other people go ahead of you because you don’t know what the heck to order?

Well fear no more coffee house newbies, for I have brewed up some explanations for all you out there to make sense of those crazy coffee concoctions!

C.O.F.F.E.E. defined:

Drip Coffee: Water filtered through ground coffee beans (not under pressure), made with a filter,coffee press, percolator or countertop coffee machine. This is the most common type of coffee beverage.

AKA: Brewed coffee; “Regular”

Variations: Dark roast, Medium roast and Light roast.
Black: No cream, no sugar, just the good stuff, straight up!
Red Eye: Coffee with a shot of espresso

Espresso: Concentrated coffee made when hot water is forced (under pressure) through coffee grounds; usually served in individual “shots”

Variations: Espresso Macchiato: Espresso topped with foam; derived from Italian term meaning “marked.”
Espresso Con Panna: Espresso topped with whipped cream
* Ristretto:* Espresso shots pulled short (with less water); more concentrated

Latte: Steamed milk and espresso

Cappucino: Extra foamy steamed milk and espresso; similar to latte
Order it dry (extra foam) or wet (less foam)

Americano: Water and espresso
Café Misto: Half brewed coffee, half steamed milk

Specialty Drinks:
Mocha: Steamed milk with espresso and chocolate sauce
Chai: Spicy black tea; originated in India; served as brewed tea or as a tea latte
Blended Coffee: Coffee, flavor, ice, milk and whatever else you want mixed up like a milkshake in the blender!

These terms constitute a drop in the bucket of the coffee glossary.
For some additional info, check out these sites:

• Coffee FAQ
• A Glossary of Coffee Terms
• Coffee A-Z

Amy’s Pick of the Week: * *White Chocolate Breve Americano:

Ingredients: Hot water w/ espresso, white chocolate flavoring and cream. This sweet drink is a great alternative to a white chocolate mocha because it was less dairy!

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