Oct 052011
Authors: Erik Carman

Students driving near Lemay and Lincoln Avenues yesterday may have noticed a crowd gathered outside of Fort Collins Brewery. People of all shapes and sizes crowded the front door, filling out applications and reciting life experiences to one another in hopes of standing out.

That’s because yesterday, from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m., the Fort Collins Brewery was home to a seven-hour open cast call that drew more than 200 local applicants for MTV’s 27th season of “The Real World.”
Jessica Thompson, the event’s casting director, said she was looking for young adults, age 20 to 24, who were charismatic, passionate and unique.

“I’m not just looking for people with a story,” Thompson said. “wBut people who are interested in other people’s stories as well.”

Thompson added that she was looking for those who “don’t have a filter” and were “open to the roommates and the experience.” Thompson, one of six casting directors for the show, travels the country regularly in search of new cast members. Having just arrived from Seattle, Thompson will leave again for Tempe, Arizona on Friday after conducting private interviews today with those whom she thought stood out.

Fort Collins was just one stop on a list of nearly 35 U.S. cities hosting casting calls for the upcoming season.

“I saw a dude who had stars carved into his head,” said senior business marketing major Jon Duckworth. “I’m not really sure what that’s gonna do for him.”

Duckworth described himself as being the person who “didn’t care the most.” He added that, considering all of the other applicants, he didn’t feel fake enough to be on the show.

Another CSU student, senior human development major Paige McNamara, said she was “looking for a little break before graduating.”

“I was sandwiched between a straight guy who does gay porn and a guy who styles other men’s hair for fun … tough competition,” McNamara said about some of the other candidates she went into her interview with.

McNamara said the group-style interview was a little awkward, mentioning that she thought she would be interviewed by herself. Instead, she had to answer questions in front of several friends and a few strangers.

Local recording artist and CSU graduate student Josh “Black Prez” Madry was also present among candidates. Madry stated, however, that he was not going into the interview as “Black Prez,” but rather, just as himself.

Madry added that he felt “The Real World“ would be a life changing experience. Even though he didn’t watch the show regularly, he said he thought he needed to be different in order to be considered.

But, according to Thompson, the best thing to be during a casting audition or tape, is yourself.
“A lot of people come in here with an idea of who they think we think we want them to be,” she said.

And while the open casting call may be closed in Fort Collins, MTV is still looking for the lucky seven roommates to appear next season through online applications. For more information go to http://www.bmpcasting.com/casting/realworld.

_Collegian writer Erik Carman can be reached at news@collegian.com. _

The Real World

  • More than 200 people came to tryout
  • Only seven contestants will eventually be chosen for the show
  • Those who stand out will be interviewed individually today
  • Looking for young adults ages 20 to 24

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