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Authors: Lydia Jorden

I walked to class singing to the tune of Salt-N-Pepa’s “Push It” while muttering the words “ooh short term money market, ooh short term money market, ahh treasuries, ahh negotiable CDs, ahh commercial paper, ahh federal funds — push it real good” over and over in my head.

Among being the birthday month of our favorite celeb, Bristol Palin, October is a month filled with midterms, essays, oral exams, research papers and whatever else our professors love to quiz us on the day after Halloween.  

These seminars may work for people who have nothing else to do, but personally, I do not have time to sit at a workshop to learn how to study when there is actual work to be done .
I’ve been able to successfully study on my own, never attending a workshop, while still receiving competitive grades.

My goal is that you apply my studying tips — the most coveted kinds out there — to your studies, in the hopes that they will help you excel in your academics.

First Tip: Sing it out.

Days pass and pass, but still “Party in the USA” stays with me. I eat breakfast with my head streaming the song. I go to class and see the professor writing complex statistics equations, yet can only hear Miley. I go to sleep humming along with the tune. As emotionally draining as this is, I’ve been able to harness the greatness of this song to broaden my studying horizons. Once I began singing my statistics notes to this tune, my grade went up.

Thanks, Miley.

If you’re having trouble finding inspiration, you should find songs to rap along to that have a significant emotional attachment. These are the songs that play over and over again in your head.

My favorites include “SuperFreak”, “Let’s Get Physical”, and of course, “Push-It”.

Second Tip: Relate the material to your life.

Since we tend to remember things that are important to us, it is ideal to make the tested material relevant to your life in some way.

My physics class was the perfect example of the above tip:

For 50 minutes, three days a week I could contemplate being the next Tesla. I put on my physicist cap and got to work on my homework. Playing mad scientist on a routine basis wasn’t too bad either. I made the material fun to get good grades, while others gawked at my “nerdiness” and failed.

Third Tip: Do it in the shower.

I always try to study during activities that I do fairly consistently.

When studying, I usually prepare index cards with words and definitions. However, I take the studying one step further when I put the note cards in a plastic bag and take them into the shower with me.

My justification is that if I am going to be in the shower anyways, I may as well take advantage of the time to do something productive.

Sure, my roommates have classified me as a looney tune, but I’m the one getting good grades.

Fourth Tip: Friday night study party

There’s nothing like living it up to the words of Rebecca Black’s Friday lyrics, “fun, fun, fun,” like studying on a Friday night.

What else are you going to do on a Friday night besides kick it in the front seat and kick it in the back seat, only to ponder which seat to take. That doesn’t sound like much fun.

Friday nights are the prime time to study. Curl up with a good textbook and some hot chocolate and start expanding your knowledge.

Knowledge shouldn’t be crammed into your noggin the night before an exam. It needs to be nurtured through different studying techniques to grow.

We all differ in our studying habits. Some people are more over-the-top than those who just review their notes. There is no “right” or “wrong “way to study as long as what you’re doing yields the results you want.

Whether you do it singing, in the shower, on the floor, in the basement or just simply the morning before a test, push yourself to do well. Push it real good.

Lydia Jorden is a junior business major. Her column appears Thursdays in the Collegian. She can be reached at letters@collegian.com.

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