Oct 052011
Authors: Katie Salvato

Animal House Rescue and Grooming, a no-kill animal shelter, marked its 2000th adoption last week when Brie, a 3-year-old Chihuahua, found a new home.

“Brie was here for two years,” said Diana Olague, an Animal House employee. “It’s so great to see dogs that have been here a long time find good homes.”

Brie caught the attention of Animal House volunteer Ana Pasini early last summer.

Pasini saw Brie getting beat up by the other dogs at the shelter and remembers seeing Brie look up at her with a sad face. Pasini said she was haunted by the image and felt she should have done more to help out.

And so in early July, Pasini took Brie into her home as a foster dog.

“I’ve taken three or four foster dogs from Animal House before,” Pasini said.

Brie was officially adopted into the Pasini family two weeks ago.

“I usually don’t like small dogs,” Pasini said. “But never say never.”

Ali Eccleston, the operations director of Animal House, is excited by the numbers of animals that have been adopted from the shelter in a short amount of time. Animal House first opened its doors in March 2007.

“We’re happy to be reaching our goals so fast,” Eccleston said.

Last week, 21 dogs were adopted from the shelter, an all-time record.

Many CSU students are involved in Animal House, including Gillian Rankin, a senior biological science major.

“Being an employee, I get to help out with adoptions,” Rankin said. “I was homesick as a freshman; so, I learned about shelters in town.”

Rankin began walking dogs and was later hired when a position became available.

Though Rankin is now an employee, she still spends some of her time volunteering for the shelter. She was able to take one of the dogs on a camping trip with her up to Mount Bierstadt, a fourteener in Clear Creek County.

On Oct. 15, Animal House will be putting on the third annual Fall Harvest Brewfest, which will feature 20 brewers, with participants having the chance to sample different types of beer.

People with VIP tickets will also be given free food at the event.

“Fall Harvest is our biggest fundraiser,” Eccleston said.

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