Oct 042011
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After two resignations from the largest department in Associated Students of CSU, RamRide has filled the positions after two weeks without a permanent leader.

After Allison McVey’s sudden resignation, ASCSU president Eric Berlinberg announced Sunday that Keegan Schulz, the former deputy director for nightly operations would be filling the position.

“It’s really important that this department continues to have the necessary leadership to succeed,” said Kaylyn Kardavani, ASCSU chief of staff. “It’s a burden that things have to slow us down, so we try to move at a fast pace to continue with our goals of the administration,” she said.

After Schulz was appointed to the director position, Kirk Easton the former assistant director of RamRide operations filled the spot previously held by Schulz, the deputy director for nightly operations.

Last month, Lyndsay Lack, RamRide deputy director of gala and expansion resigned from her position after having time commitment issues, explained Berlinberg.

Ciera DiBello, the former RamRide assistant director will now take on the role of reaching out to community members and businesses that support RamRide and maintaining relationships with them for the position of director of gala and expansion.

Ciera is really passionate and dedicated to the program and will be a great asset the expansion program, Kardavani said.

In addition to boosting the RamRide program with newly filled positions, the Ram Leadership Team has 19 new members planning to be ratified for the positions tonight at the ASCSU senate meeting. The Ram Leadership Team aims to place first-and second-year students in leadership positions in organizations on campus.

The push to fill the vacant spots throughout ASCSU was a collaborative effort to get the program back on track, Berlinberg said.

“Our motivation was making sure we are living up to our initiatives and part of this is making sure we have the positions to make the necessary moves,” said ASCSU press secretary, Danielle McConnell.

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Positions filled

  • RamRide director
  • RamRide director of nightly operations
  • RamRide director of gala and expansion
  • 19 new Ram Leadership Program members
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