Oct 042011
Authors: Collegian Editorial Board

Because of a Denver Post article published Tuesday titled “Casa Bonita parent company files for bankruptcy,” the Collegian newsroom went into a brief mode of panic.

The article stated that the parent company of Casa Bonita, Scottsdale-based Star Buffet Inc., has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection.

However, as we read further, the company said it would continue its restaurant operations. So, we can say with a sigh of relief that Colorado’s beloved Casa Bonita is safe.

But, when experiencing the initial shock of the word “bankruptcy” paired with “Casa Bonita,” we began reminiscing of our favorite aspects of the iconic restaurant.

Everyone knows the Mexican food they serve is sub-par, but no one can say they don’t absolutely love the sopapillas.

But the quality of Casa Bonita’s food hardly matters. No one goes there to get a quality meal. It’s the other attractions the restaurant offers that make it a treasured Colorado asset.

There’s nothing we’d rather watch than famous Casa Bonita divers while ingesting wannabe-Mexican food. And who doesn’t love the guy dressed up as a gorilla who runs around the restaurant?

The cave is yet another gem found inside Casa Bonita, complete with the large, glowing skull that eerily screams at you like a banshee.

The creepy guy at the bottom of the wishing well is another attraction that must be honored. No one actually knows what he says, but his mumbled chanting is mysteriously intriguing.

And when people from out of state ask if you, as a Colorado native, have been to the famous restaurant featured in South Park, not only can you say “of course,” but, you can tell them that they still have the great opportunity of venturing to one of Colorado’s favorite restaurants, despite its parent company filing for bankruptcy.

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