Oct 032011
Authors: Collegian Editorial Board

With the November election quickly approaching, we encourage students and Coloradans not only to vote, but to also look into Proposition 103, a bill that could change the face of state schools for the next five years.

The measure, written by and campaigned for by Sen. Rollie Heath, D-Boulder, would restore state sales and income taxes up to 1999 levels, beginning in January and lasting until 2017.

The raises would generate almost $3 billion and make up for a current lack of funding to public higher education institutions and K-12 Colorado schools, which have seen a $700 million funding cut throughout the past three years, according to the Office of State Planning and Budget.

Save Colorado Jobs, a campaign supported by State Rep. Victor Mitchell, which directly opposes the measure, asks Coloradans to vote “No” on Prop. 103. According to the campaign, the proposition would have devastating effects on the amount of jobs across the state and shouldn’t happen because of bad timing in this fragile economy.

But, by doing nothing about school funding cuts, Coloradans are sending a simple message to students across the state — we don’t care, you don’t matter.

Being rated 48th out of 50 states for higher education funding is not something to ignore.

So, while it’s said over and over again, young people are indeed our future. And frankly, as the people who will probably be running our great state someday, we want them to at least have a decent education.

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