Oct 032011
Authors: Francesca Tait

I am writing in concern of the CSU housing and dining services meal plans. I am a second-semester freshman and therefore have the unfortunate privilege of living in the dorms and paying for an on-campus meal plan. As most people know, this year dining services has switched up their meal plans not to allow meals to roll over from week-to-week anymore.

I am on the “Any 14” meal plan, and my eating habits vary from week to week, so when I waste six or seven meals a week and the money that I paid for the meals is not refunded to me, I get frustrated. I get even more frustrated when I eat a lot one week and I run out of meal swipes and end up having to starve the rest of the week. I pay for my college myself, and that includes my housing and dining.

Housing and Dining Services is ripping off the students of CSU off. As students, we pay about $9 for every meal when using an on campus meal plan. So when students consistently do not use five or six meals a week, that is about 50 dollars wasted. I understand that CSU needs to make a profit off of students, but this is simply unacceptable.

As a state school CSU is supposed to give students the opportunity to attend school and live on campus at a reasonable price. All that I can see right now is that the only thing Housing and Dining Services is concerned about is the profit that they are making from taking students money. 

Along with the fact that we are ripped off money every week from the dining hall, the fact that students are unable to double-swipe to bring friends into the dining hall with them is unacceptable. As students we pay for meals, and those meals should be ours to eat whenever we want and by whomever we want. 

Why is it any of Housing and Dining Services’ business to decide who is and isn’t allowed to eat our meals? If we are the ones paying for the meals, shouldn’t we be the ones deciding who is eating them? If only I could get a meal plan from Chipotle, because I am sure they would love my nine dollars a meal, and they would probably treat me better than the dining services do (plus the food is a hell of a lot better). It’s a simple fact that money is money, and product is product – no matter what it is going towards.

So I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you to dining services for making me skip breakfast, lunch and dinner for the past two days because I ran out of meal swipes, and meals did not roll over from last week. It’s not like I was hungry or anything.

Francesca Tait is a freshman political science major.

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