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Authors: Jordan Lavelle

Amid the everyday commotion of construction and conversation, music offers a pleasant diversion. And while many students walk around campus with ear buds in, senior forestry major Benton Lindquist prefers a different method of enjoying his tunes — portable Logitech iHome speakers.

Simply referred to by some as the “iHome Guy,” Lindquist, the man behind the moniker, seems comfortable with his nickname.

“I have been called out (for being the ‘iHome Guy’) at shows not just in Fort Collins, but in Boulder and Denver too,” Lindquist said in an email to the Collegian. “At any random party I attend, without a doubt someone will mention it. Most people say that the tunes make their day.”

While some may perceive what Lindquist does as merely an attempt to start a new trend or as a cry for attention, the Batavia, Ill., native remains upbeat.

“I’ve had plenty of great responses, and also a number of the dirtiest glares,” he said. “Even with negative responses I keep a big smile.”

According to Lindquist, he has been carrying the speakers, which he got for Christmas six years ago, since he was a sophomore in high school. He said he doesn’t own a pair of headphones, but adds there is no way he’ll go without good music.

Some of Lindquist’s favorite artists include frequently played Phish, Grateful Dead, String Cheese Incident and Umphrey’s McGee. But he alsolikes to mix up his jam-band medley by occasionally throwing on some more obscure musicians like Frank Zappa, Les Claypool and Ween.

“I really just want to spread some positive vibes and good music,” he said.

Besides his unofficial title as a musical messenger, Lindquist also enjoys disc golfing and the Colorado mountains, which ultimately guided him to Fort Collins. In his spare time, he enjoys seeing live music, taking catnaps with his feline friend Tela and drinking whiskey with friends.

“(He brings) great joy and smiles, plus the music from the greatest band to ever live: Phish,” said junior psychology major Stephen Feder.

Lindquist may not play everyone’s favorite genre, but he has an undeniable impact that transcends musical preferences, and it’s evident in the smiles of those who are receptive enough to pick up the positive vibrations.

“I love seeing (him) on campus playing music for all to hear,” said Chloe Young, an undeclared sophomore. “Between (him) looking so happy and the music, I can’t help but smile.”

Now with the winter season approaching and inevitably inclement weather in the forecast, questions may linger as to what will become of the “iHome Guy” during nature’s tests of commitment and endurance. But, Lindquist assures his fans, that like a true optimist, he’ll still be around.

“When it rains, I have an umbrella; when it snows, I wear gloves,” he said. “The weather really won’t stop me.”

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