Oct 022011
Authors: Bailey Constas

Sugar skulls, motion activated zombie baby dolls, coffin creatures and a plethora of disturbing paintings and creations invaded Wild Boar Coffee on Saturday night for a haunted art show.

Ten local artists, as well as one artist from Flagstaff, Ariz. came together to show creepy and out-of-the-ordinary artwork.

Sami A. Saurus, a barista at Wild Boar, was the driving force behind their first themed art show.
“It’s a homey place,” said Dusty Frasier, resident of Fort Collins, as well as Saurus’ fiancé, “so this art show was something completely different than ever before.”

Saurus showed paintings and cemetery themed photographs, which she is hoping to create into a coffee table book. Saurus also has a side project called Happy Time Apocalypse, a collaboration of five artists with a likeness for dark art.

The project incorporates “Crafty, artistic individuals join[ing] forces,” Saurus said. The reason behind beginning this project was to recognize the issues in the world and then create happiness from it.

“The world is a crazy place with war, starvation, and horrible things happening,” Saurus said. “But we are in control of our own environment and happiness.”

Kendall Hanson, a Denver resident, was called up by Saurus to join the haunted art show. Her inspiration comes from “cute and creepy things, obsessions, random thoughts in my head,” Hanson said. She attended The Kansas City Art Institute and worked with drawing, as well as graphic design.

Her art now, which includes paintings as well as hand-drawn coloring books, has been a sort of “rebelling against my graphic design education.”

“I really like making people cringe,” Hanson said. “I like to bring something different into people’s homes and to have art be approachable.”

Landon Ricker, also known as Slim Fadey, was also featured at the haunted art show.

“By expressing the negative and darker side of myself I can let those emotions out so I’m not mean to people,” Ricker said. “I let the aggression out.”

Four of the artists showing at the art show are also members of the Faded Freak Show, a local freak show featuring: eating glass and razor blades, bearded ladies and a few burlesque accents. Ricker is the ringleader of the Faded Freak Show. Ever since Ricker was a little kid he had wanted to run away with the circus.

“After looking for a local freak show to perform for my events for a year I decided to create my own.” Ricker said. The show has now been together for 10 months with Saurus and Hanson being two of the three bearded ladies.

The show will be headlining the Fort Collins Zombie Crawl as well as the Zombie Prom (under age 21) and the Zombie Ball (older than 21). Synth Reaction, including the Faded Freak Show, Slim Fadey and The Girlie Show also performs on the first Tuesday of every month at Hodi’s Half Note.

Collegian writer Bailey Constas can be reached at news@collegian.com.

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