Oct 022011
Authors: Allison Sylte

In wake of the abrupt resignation of RamRide Director Allison McVey, Associated Students of CSU president Eric Berlinberg announced Sunday that Keegan Schulz, the deputy director for nightly operations, will be filling the vacant position.

“I’m confident that Keegan can complete all of our initiatives and goals,” Berlinberg said. “It was obvious very quickly that he was able to take the reins of the program and succeed.”

Schulz, who has served as interim director in McVey’s absence, has been in the RamRide program since January, initially serving as an associate director under the Anderson/Babos administration.
He was rehired by Berlinberg this fall, and Berlinberg said Schulz has proven himself to be “a hard worker” and “extremely dedicated to the program.”

“You don’t come across these types of people in RamRide very often,” Berlinberg said. “… It’s good to keep them when you can.”

Schulz got his first taste of RamRide when he was a freshman in the fall of 2007. At the time, RamRide was still renting cars from Enterprise, and the organization consisted of four landlines and six people smashed into a small room in the Lory Student Center. Navigation, he said, was simply a vague paper map of Fort Collins.

“As a freshman, it was fun to drive around Fort Collins in a minivan for six hours,” Schulz said. “But looking back and seeing what the program does, it’s amazing to see how unique we are, and I’m really proud of what we do.”

Now, Schulz is responsible for 19 cars (stocked with GPS’ rather than paper maps), a 12-person staff and meeting high expectations from Berlinberg, one of whose campaign promises was to “revolutionize RamRide.”

This high expectation was part of what drove McVey to resign from the post just five weeks into the school year.

“It was difficult to run a program that large and feel like I wasn’t viewed as being successful,” McVey said in a Sept. 22 story in the Collegian.

“I left because I felt mypresence was hurting the program, and I wasn’t living up to the expectations set fourth by the administration,” she said.

Schulz said Berlinberg already has big changes planned for the department during his tenure, including changed responsibilities for the director, who Berlinberg wants to spend less time worrying about daily operations and more time looking at the big picture.

“[Allison] was involved in nightly operations almost every night, and attended every Positive Impact event during home games,” Schulz said. “… I’m going to spend more time looking forward, and less time looking at specifics.”

Schulz said he won’t know the full range of his new position until he meets with Berlinberg later this week.

The Director of RamRide is the highest paid director position at ASCSU, with a salary of $5,000 a semester. Schulz will be expected to work 25-30 hours a week, manage a staff of 12 employees and oversee roughly 120 volunteers per week.

Former Assistant Director for RamRide Kirk Easton will be stepping in for Schulz as deputy director for nightly operations.

“There’s always pressure,” Schulz said. “[RamRide] is the most visible aspect of ASCSU. Not only do you have that pressure to do a positive job while serving in that position, you have a pressure to make good decisions for the program.”

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