Sep 302011
Authors: Madi Scruggs

Everyone knows that going to a football game is almost like attending one big party- there’s the chaotic, cheering fans, the rowdy game day traditions, and the general sense of camaraderie pulsing through the stands.

If the game is the party, then think of tailgating as the pre-party; where football fans come together before kickoff to prepare themselves for the next three to four hours of their lives, and for a win that will hopefully be taken by their own team.

The tailgater is a different breed of super-fan: they show up hours before the game starts, spend hundreds of dollars on food and drinks every season, and dedicate almost their entire Saturday to supporting the team they know and love. There’s never a shortage of cars in the parking lot cheering on the green and gold, and therefore in order to join the ranks of these devotees, you’ve got to be prepared for the crowd.

“[Get there] a couple of hours before the game starts otherwise the next thing you know, you’re at the back of the parking lot and it’s a sad day because all the fun stuff is happening up front,” advised Maddie Gallegos, a Colorado State University student.

Gallegos’ family has participated in the practice since her parents attended the university themselves years ago. It’s no wonder they keep coming back, especially now that Gallegos is enrolled in classes.

Tailgating is not just about the football, but about the social scene too.

“You’ve got to make sure you’ve got a big group of people,” said Gallegos, “It’s like a mini-party, but a football party that you have out of your car.”

Gallegos is certainly not the only one who will be there with her family for the tailgating festivities this homecoming weekend, as many will flock to the parking lot to grill, support the team, and have fun.

“You just eat, hang out, play music,” Gallegos smiled, remembering her tailgating memories and the ones soon to come, “It’s great.”

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