Sep 292011
Authors: Hannah Woolums

Yann Martel, author of Life of Pi, produced a new and riveting addition to his bestselling novels.

In Beatrice and Virgil a well-known author named Henry, is taken aback by several publishing companies’ rejection of his latest work about the Holocaust. When he feels that he is at a standstill in his career, Henry receives a strange letter from an elderly taxidermist.

The letter consumes and confuses Henry, drawing him to help a somewhat awkward character: A taxidermist. He must help this taxidermist write a play that he has been working on for most of his life.

As Henry begins to assist the taxidermist in this unusual work about a donkey named Beatrice and a howler monkey named Virgil, he develops a relationship with the stuffed Beatrice and Virgil.

While the two characters in the play are beholding their journey, Henry finds that there is much more, not only to the play that takes place on a shirt, but also to the impertinent, old man to whom he has dedicated his time.

Beatrice and Virgil is an unexpected masterpiece that the reader will not be able to put down. The odd characters take the reader by surprise and keep them wanting more. It’s full of twists and astonishing realizations that present insights about life and humanity.

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