Sep 292011
Authors: Lianna Salva

What is one thing that can completely ruin the perfect New York apartment? The roommate who screams in the middle of the night, steals your cigarettes and cheerfully cooks you drugged pasta.

The newest play from CSU’s Young Producer’s Organization, “Wall of Water,” shows the conflicting lives of four very different roommates.

“Every character gets to share exactly what they’re going through. It’s about struggles conflicting, healing and melding,” said director and senior theater major Michelle Jones.

One of them, Wendi, played by sophomore political science major Sophanite Gedion, causes problems for the other roommates with her paranoia of diseases, night terrors and perpetually odd behavior.

“There always has to be the character that’s absurd,” Gedion said. “She is really the contributing problem child, but you get flashes of her humanity and who she used to be, like evolution backwards.”

Meg, played by second-degree anthropology student Lynne Jordan, has had enough of Wendi to the point of raging anger and wishing her dead. When she is about to leave the apartment for good, a terrible mistake from Wendi leaves Meg unconscious and alone.

Judy, played by freshman theater major Bailee Baxter, and Denice, freshman hospitality management major Kate Lewis, are the only ones trying to help Wendi, but they do see how much of a handful she is.

Denice is a party girl with multiple college degrees and a fetish for successful men.

“She marks her success by cutting out pictures of people she’s slept with for her scrapbook,” said Lewis.

But with all the partying and socializing, Denice finds a healing and compassionate friendship with Wendi.

“She’s propelled by the idea that she needs to find something important in her life, and she finds it through Wendi,” she said.

Judy acts as a foil to Denice as the voice of reason, but is constantly aggravated with everyone around her and her situation in life, according to Baxter.

The Young Producers Organization is a student-run theater group at CSU, providing hands-on experience in all aspects of theater. All YPO shows are free and take place in the second-floor large acting lab of the UCA. Tickets will be given at the door, and space is limited.

Collegian writer Lianna Salva can be reached at She also writes the Arts and Culture blog, which can be found on the Collegian website.

The Play

  • What: YPO Production of “Wall of Water”
  • When: Tonight and Saturday at 8 p.m. and Sunday at 2 p.m.
  • Where: Large Acting Lab, second floor, University Center for the Arts
  • Cost: Free
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