Ode to Coffee

Sep 282011
Authors: Amy McDaniel

According to a recent Doppler radar report, coffee sales skyrocketed on campus this week. Students sloshed their way to the coffee shops at the LSC, Morgan Library, and Behavioral Sciences building in search of one thing: that sweet, hot delicious nectar called coffee.

During colder weather and long hours of studying, a desire for warm comfort and caffeine keeps students going. For many of us, this means dishing out a couple bucks for an extra hot café mocha or the pick-of-the-day at Sweet Sinsations or Morgan’s Grind Café, finding a vacant cushiony chair and attempting to plow through the bounty of homework we’ve put off until the last minute.

This past week signaled the switch in seasons that is imminent. The flip flops and ice cream cones were replaced by rain boots and coffee mugs.

But hey, this is Colorado. Next week we’ll probably be back to Daisy Dukes weather, and the week after that could be our first snow!

Okay, perhaps that’s a bit of a stretch, but despite the unpredictability of the weather in our foothills town, we can always be sure of one thing: coffee will be there to perk us up.

For this I propose a toast: Thank you coffee, for keeping our hands warm, our eyes open, and our palates enchanted.

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