Sep 272011
Authors: Collegian Editorial Board

If there’s one thing that can be said for President Obama, it’s that he’s a fantastic campaigner, as evidenced by his brief stop in Denver Tuesday to tout his jobs act.

It certainly got his supporters riled up, and hey, tax breaks for the middle class can’t be a bad thing.
While Obama said the purpose of his stop was to publicize his jobs act to the American people, analysts say that he was simply pandering to Colorado’s swing-state voters, and trying to make the case that he actually knows what he’s doing with the economy, according to an article in the Denver Post.

It’s great that the president is making a stop in our beautiful state, but it’s sad to think that the only reason he’s really out here is to try and get us to vote for him.

Talking worked for Obama the first time, but after almost four years and a still-struggling economy, it’s going to take far more than talking if President Obama wants Colorado’s vote.

Instead of traveling state-to-state to campaign for jobs reform, it would be noble for the president to actually fight for jobs reform. Instead of calling out Republicans, as he did in Tuesday’s speech, he should actually try to work with them to resolve issues.

After all, it’s great that Obama’s taking the time to care about Coloradans, but it would be even better if it weren’t simply for the sake of campaigning.

Because in this economy, Mr. President, we have a feeling that being a great campaigner isn’t going to be enough to win reelection.

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