Sep 272011
Authors: Allison Knaus

The Associated Students of CSU are getting their green on throughout this week’s homecoming events. And as part of this year’s festivities, ASCSU will be reaching out to students, alumni and community members to show their Ram pride.

“Ever since high school, homecoming has been one of the biggest traditions for so many people,” said Tim Brogdon, ASCSU Director of Student Services.

While ASCSU aims to promote campus involvement and unity year-round, homecoming week allows for an exciting time for everyone at CSU, Brogdon said.

As one of the main events, ASCSU plans to incorporate the “Get Your Green On” theme during the homecoming parade. The ASCSU float will feature an 18-person bike from a Fort Collins company called MyHandleBar.

The bike will be decked out in green and gold with the theme of sustainability, explained ASCSU spokeswoman Danielle McConnell.

“We’re looking to not only show our Ram pride, but also show that we support CSU’s green initiatives,” she said.

While dozens of student organizations participate in the CSU homecoming parade, this year ASCSU offered a unique opportunity to pay the $75 registration fee required for student organizations to participate in the parade, paying up to $2,000.

“This is a great way for CSU students and organizations to want to get involved in the parade and be a part of the tradition,” Brogdon said.

Also this week, ASCSU will host their 7th annual ASCSU reunion on Friday, Sept. 30, from 7 to 10 p.m. in the Lory Student Center Solarium.

At the event, former members of ASCSU will gather with current members in a networking event.
“This is a great opportunity for current students to make connections with former ASCSU members, and it will give us the chance to share with both past and present students the importance of CSU support,” said Regina Martel, ASCSU Deputy Chief of Staff.

With the big homecoming football game on Saturday, ASCSU will offer their new RamRide program called Positive Impact. The program aims at educating students on smart tailgating practices and how to avoid landing yourself in the hands of the Fort Collins Police Department.

“We want students to have fun and be safe at the game, so this is a great opportunity for them to learn how to avoid those bad situations while still having a great time,” Martel said.

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