UnderOath: Concert Review

Sep 262011
Authors: hannah burford

When I was 15 years old, I got my first copy of Define the Great Line by Underoath. Of course, I was the only 15 year-old-girl jamming to Underoath so the opportunity to go to an Underoath show (because my parents would never dream of letting me go to a ‘hardcore’ show alone at that age anyway) had never come up until recently when I began working at KCSU. Not too much surprise; I’ve met a few others who enjoy the sounds of Underoath as well.

Stephanie, one of our music directors, Shelby, better known as DJ Tanner, and myself attended the Fall Underoath tour on September 17th at the Aggie Theatre right here in Fort Collins.

When I first became aware of Aaron Gillespie’s (drummer and clean vocalist from 1997-2010) departure from the band, I began to question if I’d even want to see them live but I’ve got to say I am very glad I did. Despite Spencer Chamberlain ( lead vocals) greeting the crowd as Denver and then asking if Fort Collins was practically the same thing, Underoath put on a show even 15 year old me would have been thrilled to see. The band even managed to play two of my favorites from Define the Great Line, and it was completely unexpected.

My absolute favorite song, Its Dangerous Business Walking Out Your Front Door, was the highlight of the night. I also found it quite fitting for the show, although I think they should change the title of the track to Its Dangerous Business Getting into this Pit. I was safely behind a railing but I watched many people get on stage and leap out into the reluctant crowd to crowd surf. Many people flat out were not caught and dropped directly to the floor. I saw many fights break out throughout the entire night and whether some of the injury to others was intentional or not is up for debate, but I witnessed a girl get kicked straight in the face by a man who elected to jump into the crowd feet first. I think that girl got a little more than she was expecting but someone once warned me that the pit doesn’t care who you are. Its unfortunate to say, but perhaps that’s true.

On the bill along with Underoath were a few other bands including Comeback Kid, a hardcore band who hails from Winnipeg, Canada, The Chariot and This is Hell. Notably, Comeback Kid has recorded two of their albums at The Blasting Room right here in Fort Collins in 2005 and 2007. Overall, on the Hannah scale of approval I give this evening an eight. I was impressed with musicians, less impressed with some of the fans but the music always speaks louder.

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