Sep 262011
Authors: Ian Hamilton McClatchy-Tribune

UC Irvine regained the Guinness world record for the largest dodgeball game in the world with more than 4,000 people participating.

The record had been set 10 times according to Guniness world record official Danny L. Girton Jr., who was in attendance to verify the record. The first attempt was in 2008 by the band Weezer with 100 people, according to Girton. UCI set the record in Sept. 2010, with 1,745 players as part of “Welcome Week” for incoming freshmen.

The record was last officially broken by the Rochester Institute of Technology with 2,136 players yet an Air Force Academy attempt had been pegged between 3,000 and 4,000 players. Guinness had been waiting for documentation that would have verified that attempt when UC Irvine announced its attempt as part of the 2011 “Welcome Week.”

The first time the event was just for freshmen, but this time it was moved from indoors at the Bren Events Center to a 300-foot-by-100-foot portion of the outdoor UCI recreation fields.

According to the rules, there needed to be one ball for every four players, and there were 1,000 balls.

Though UCI counted several hundred in attendance beyond the 4,000, the official record stands at 4,000 and should be updated on the Guinness World Record website within a week.

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