Sep 262011
Authors: Collegian Editorial Board

In light of intense state funding cuts to higher education, CSU has created a position focused on encouraging alumni donations. While we here at the Collegian probably won’t be making too much money with our liberal arts degrees, we recognize the importance of (and encourage) private donations and support from alumni.

According to the Princeton Review, in-state tuition at CSU is $6,307 per semester, while out of state is $22,007. And, despite having the highest enrollment in university history at more than 30,000 students, tuition only brings in one third of the money needed to run the university.

Lindsay Sell, who was recently put in the new post as assistant director for Student Advancement Programs, said most students don’t realize that a majority of university funding comes from outside sources, and plans to focus on educating students on the importance of private alumni donations.

And while some people may not want to part with their extra cash after graduation, it’s important for alumni to remember the place that made them special, that gave them a degree and helped them get to where they are now, whether financially stable or not.

This is not only where alumni pulled all-nighters to pass a big exam, but also where they made friends that hopefully last a lifetime.

So give back, Rams. Give back so others can have the same experiences you did.

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