Fashion Focus: Lucy Horral

Sep 262011
Authors: Madi Scruggs

Any denizen of good style will agree that getting dressed in the morning can sometimes be an enormous pain. There are accessories to match and colors to mix and after a while, it can get so frustrating that the only plausible solution is to thrown on a t-shirt and jeans and muse on your possibly degenerating sense of style.

Now, fashionistas, imagine adding another layer of stress to the mix- instead of simply picking out a blouse from your closet, you’ve got to stitch it together first. For Lucy Horral, making her own clothes is not so much stressful as a way to indulge her burgeoning interest in the fashion design industry.

Horral’s passion for handmade clothing started when she began looking through magazines at 13 years old, noticing all the gorgeous- but overpriced- fashions.

“I would look at something in a magazine but I wouldn’t be able to buy it, so I would just go home and try to make it myself. Pretty soon, I began experimenting and following trends,” Horral said.

Now, she owns and operates a clothing design website called, where she sells her custom-made creations to the public. “I finally felt that I had enough product to actually put on a website,” said Horral. Despite maintaining an online business, however, Horral has to get past a few obstacles now that she is a freshman in college.

“It’s pretty hard, because it just kind of takes a backseat to school,” Horral said.

Her sewing machine, she noted, was too much of a nuisance to keep in the dorm, so Horral saves her designing for when she travels home.

“I have all these designs that I want to make but I don’t have time to sew them, so it’s kind of sad,” Horral said.

One of Horral’s biggest style influences is the popular design team Marchesa, known for their Avant-Garde women’s designs.

“If I could ever intern for them, that would be awesome,” Horral mused.

After interning, however, comes the career world, and Horral is prepared for the future. With a major in Fine Arts for the time being, Horral is gathering her portfolio and preparing to get into the Fashion Design program at CSU. However, art is not completely out of the picture, and Horral describes her dream job as becoming an art director for a fashion magazine.

“You can meld worlds, art and fashion, so that would be an ideal job,” Horral said.

Whether you see her designs out and about on campus, on her website, or on the runways of Paris during fashion week (after graduation, of course), Horral knows she will make her mark on the fashion world one way or the other.

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