Sep 232011
Authors: Hannah Tran

The deadline to apply for studying abroad this spring is approaching fast. Last Friday’s Study Abroad Fair had its largest supply of curious students in its memory. The tables laden with colorful posters of different countries struck the eye, attracting many students.

Study Abroad coordinator Chris Churma says that the nation is seeing an up-surge in the numbers of students wishing to travel and explore the outside boundaries of their country.

“There are more and more study abroad organizations out there that are being created,” he said. “There are more program opportunities coming up.”

Russell King, a peer advisor for the study abroad office, was also at the fair. He has traveled abroad several times, earning one opportunity to play on a lacrosse team in the Czech Republic.

“It gives you an opportunity to see how other people structure their lives,” he said. “My mother and father place a lot of importance on cross-cultural exchange.”

Despite the thrilling opportunities that potentially lay ahead, King says that many students cease to actually go through with studying abroad, due to many fears like affordability and getting off track with credits.

“I’m not sure who’s telling them these things, like you can’t graduate in four years if you study abroad,” he said. “When in fact, I’m graduating in four years, I studied abroad.”

The study abroad office hopes to narrow down an option that is right for any student. Churma, King, and other staff from the Study Abroad office are urging students to talk to them first if they have any doubts.

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