Sep 222011
Authors: Justin Hill and Marcus Mortiz

When you get the opportunity to go to a Nintendo event, you should take it. Especially if you want your geek cred.

Nintendo is revving up for a super holiday season this year as they tour the country in a silver bullet trailer decorated with a few of their famous characters to demonstrate some of their up-and-coming games.

Interestingly enough, this specific tour took place in a bus covered in the word “Nintendo” in the back of an alley behind a hotel in downtown Denver yesterday afternoon.

This didn’t feel like the traditional setting for a pre-showing for something as enormous as some Nintendo video games, but it certainly worked.

Nintendo is releasing the newest game in the famous swordsman series, Zelda Skyward Sword, which is the first Zelda game to take full advantage of the dynamic possibilities of the Wii system and incorporate them into the adventures and puzzles that the series is famous for.

The new Legend of Zelda game features some new additions, most notably how the sword works.

Other titles before it have emulated what swinging an actual sword would be like and came off mediocre.

In Zelda, the player can move the Wii controller around in the air, and Link will match the movements on the screen with his sword. The use of the movement dynamic of the system is used to defeat bosses and other foes.

For example, if you come up against a boss or enemy, they will block part of their body and you have to swing and hit the part that is not protected, as is tradition with keeping Zelda titles puzzle games, yet action-oriented.

This game looks like a must-play Zelda title, which has been the norm for most of Nintendo’s self-developed games.

The other most notable game almost wasn’t a game at all, but a system feature. With the recent development of the 3DS (to all the haters out there – it works wonders with the 3D effects, you have to see it to believe it) Nintendo has created something new called AR Games.

Short for “Augmented Reality” Games, these are little cards the 3DS turns into game-play on the real world. For example with the regular AR Cards, you can watch Mario or the Pikmin run around on top of your desk and do various things while you don’t pay attention in your lecture class.

The other use for the AR Cards is that they can be used for changing the gameplay and adding other aspects to what they already have created. This is seen in the new 3DS Tetris game called Tetris: Axis (coming out October 2). Aside from being a rebooted classic and a new updated version of the Tetris DS game, you can now play Tetris right on top of your kitchen table through the 3DSwith the AR Cards.

Don’t get the wrong idea though, you still have to watch the game through the 3DS screen; there won’t actually be little Tetris blocks on your table. This is very fascinating (and cool) stuff.

Some of the new 3DS games like Super Mario and Tetris make an awesome use of the 3D technology as well. All the new games looked great in both dimensions.

Other classic Nintendo titles are making a show this holiday, with titles like Mario Kart 7 (yes, that’s seven Mario Karts) for the 3DS, Star Fox 64 for the 3DS (very cool with the 3D turned on) and a new Mario platformer called Super Mario 3D Land.

Also coming out is a new Pokemon game (Pokemon Rumble Blast), but instead of the tried-and- true “Gotta Catch ‘Em All” mentality, this one is more of an action game. This time, you can still catch them all, but you will have to do it this time by saving the Pokemon toys.

The holiday season is always a busy time for video game shoppers, and this season Nintendo is making sure that when you look and see what all the kids are playing these days, it’s their goods that you want to get your hands on.

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