Sep 222011
Authors: Lindsey Leach

Stephanie Miller, a junior apparel design and production major and a member of Fashion Group International, is currently developing and designing a men’s clothing line that can easily transition from cycling gear to everyday wear.

While at the trade show MAGIC in Las Vegas, she witnessed buyers at the trade shows she attended asking if changes could be made to the existing garment they were looking at. Meeting this desire is her goal for her current project in her product development class.

“We were able to watch actual transactions occur between a buyer and seller as the seller was picking out products to feature in their store or boutique,” Miller said.

Several students and two professors from Fashion Group International (FGI) and the Design and Merchandising department at CSU attended three trade shows, including MAGIC, in Las Vegas from Aug. 22 to 24.

FGI is a non-profit, global organization including not just students, but a professional chapter as well. It provides students in the department with real world experience and networking opportunities.

The attendees of MAGIC had to sacrifice missing the first few days back to college, but Miller, Nicole Stomski, a senior apparel merchandising major, and one of the professors and advisor for FGI, Ruoh-Nan Yan, felt it was worth it.

“MAGIC is an opportunity to discover new trends, and it is an ideal place for these students to explore the real world in the industry they love: fashion,” Yan said.

MAGIC also displayed upcoming fashion trends.

The cycling line Miller is creating in her product development class will be receiving feedback from Pearl Izumi, a local company based in Louisville, Colo., after several mock presentations that show off her designs in different stages.

She plans to continue her men’s clothing line through her capstone and theoretical apparel design process using the idea of flexibility and change engrained from her inspiration from MAGIC.
“Watching the video presentations of the trends for 2012 to 2013 was a good way for me to stay ahead of current trends to help me develop my design lines that could be inspired by the future trends,” Miller said.

The trade shows at MAGIC featured women and men’s clothing, including skate and street wear designed by urban and higher-end designers, as well as presentations given by industry professionals.

Miller said she now feels like she has a better understanding of the career and industry she has chosen to be a part of, which will help her become a well-rounded designer.

Stomski wants to become a buyer in the future, so she has always wanted to attend an actual trade show to gain an experience that would illustrate exactly what being a buyer would be like.

“This is one opportunity that you will not be able to get back if you miss it,” Stomski said.

She said she is also excited to apply what she learned and saw in Vegas to her internship.

“After seeing the creative visual merchandising, I want to go back into my internship and be more creative with the displays I made.”

Both of these young ladies said they are anxious to watch their futures ignite after being exposed to MAGIC’s culture.

“I will be constantly tweaking my designs until I am truly satisfied with what I will be presenting. As a designer we must be very in-tune with the current trends, future trends, and responding to the needs and wants of consumers,” Miller said. “MAGIC illustrated this for me and reminded me why I love designing.”

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