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After just five weeks of the semester, former RamRide Director Allison McVey resigned from her post, saying she felt personally attacked and pushed out of the position.

“It was difficult to run a program that large and feel like I wasn’t viewed as being successful,” said McVey, who hand delivered a formal letter of resignation to the Associated Students of CSU office on Sept. 12.

ASCSU President Eric Berlinberg declined comment on McVey’s reasoning for her resignation due to state laws forbidding him to speak in regards to employment issues. However, Berlinberg credited McVey as being a leader who made major improvements within the RamRide program.

“We were sad to see Allison go, and we hope she was comfortable during her time in the office.
And beyond that, it was her choice to leave and by no means was it anything our administration saying you can’t be here anymore,” Berlinberg said. “It was 100 percent Allison’s choice, and we respect her choice.”

McVey, who occupied the director position since June 1, was the highest paid director at ASCSU with a salary of $5,000 per semester. According to Berlinberg, McVey led the largest autonomous program in the organization, managing the largest staff within ASCSU.

According to Berlinberg, the RamRide director post is an all-intensive manager position requiring someone who is dedicated and willing to manage the staff of 12.

“As we recruit for the person to fill the empty position we are looking for someone to be able to work 25 to 35 hours per week in addition to their school work load to successfully run the program,” Berlinberg said.

When running for ASCSU President and Vice President, Berlinberg and Vice President Rachel Roberson set forth a platform initiative and action plans promising to “revolutionize RamRide.”

The two ultimately aimed to increase the vehicle numbers and drivers by creating an incentive for student organizations to volunteer more than once to decrease wait time.

“If RamRide doesn’t succeed, it comes down to Rachel and I having failed,” Berlinberg said. “It’s one of the programs we watch very closely.”

In addition to making it a main platform initiative, Berlinberg also formerly served as RamRide director.

“The program is very close to my heart and it’s a program. I’m passionate about on campus. So I take pride in the result of the program and where it currently stands,” he said.

In July 2011, Berlinberg signed the RamRide/Motorpool Agreement, which guaranteed the rental of additional vehicles for the 2011-2012 academic year. Motorpool, also known as CSU’s Transportation Services Department, has worked with RamRide since the fall of 2009 to rent vehicles for the program to use Thursday through Saturday. With the increase in vehicles came the need for additional volunteers, which has been a struggle in the start of the semester.

“It’s been a struggle to fill the additional cars with volunteers,” said Regina Martel, ASCSU deputy chief.

At a cabinet meeting on Wednesday night, ASCSU department heads and cabinet members brainstormed ways to build incentives to gain volunteers and fill empty cars that were granted through the RamRide/Motorpool Agreement.

“We’re looking to really continue our marketing push to encourage students to volunteer and explain the student organization incentive,” said Keegan Schulz, RamRide interim director and deputy director for nightly operations. Schulz said it’s likely he’ll apply for the director position.

However, in the program’s fifth week of the semester, wait times have decreased and number of rides have increased significantly from last semester, explained Schulz.

“We’re extremely pleased with where we’re at this year, and now we are moving forward and not settling where we’re at,” Berlinberg said.

While the program shows success in numbers, McVey claims her role as director was not viewed as satisfactory.

“I left because I felt my presence was hurting the program, and I obviously wasn’t living up to the expectations set forth by the administration,” McVey said.

The director position began accepting applications on Monday, Sept. 12 and will continue to accept them until tomorrow.

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Ramride Director

Paid $5,000 per semester

Oversees roughly 120 volunteers per week

Requires an estimated 30 hours per week

Oversees the largest staff within ASCSU

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