Sep 212011
Authors: Collegian Editorial Board

Fort Collins residents will have to go 20 days without the popular Old Town bar Sports eXchange — and rightfully so. After an incident in June, where bartenders served alcohol to a visibly drunk customer who ended up in the hospital, police reported what happened to the Fort Collins Liquor Licensing Authority, who later ordered the suspension.

Laws were broken, and someone’s health was at risk.But according to most students asked, dangerous behavior at the bar is common, with one student saying, “I feel like people go to Sports eXchange to go crazy.”

As employees who are trained to handle precarious situations with drunk college kids, the people working at Sports eXchange that night — as well as employees at any bar in Fort Collins — should be prepared to recognize when a patron has had too much and act accordingly.

They should also make sure the environment remains safe for those bar-hoppers who aren’t making trouble and are just looking to have a good time.

By overlooking situations like the one in June, the employees at Sports eXchange not only put their customers at risk, but also put their place of business in a dangerous predicament by ruining their credibility.

And for those people outside peeing in the streets, starting fights and fires and having that beer when you know it might put you over the edge, check yourself.Question if the fun is really worth the consequences.

As employees and customers alike, people need to realize that their actions have direct costs. Be smart, and be safe.

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