Yays and Nays 9/20/11

Sep 192011
Authors: Collegian Editorial Board

Yay | to CSU being ranked by U.S. News and World Report in the “top-tier” for student writing ability. We done right real real gooder than other schools. Thanks, U.S. News!

Nay | to CSU Spokesman Brad Bohlander leaving the university. Not only is he an extremely dedicated, hard-working man, but he’s also really really dreamy.

Yay | to the entire series of “Star Trek: The Next Generation” now being available for instant viewing on Netflix. Beam me up my next Friday night alone, Scotty!

Nay | to losing the Showdown last weekend. We’re not bitter. We’re just going to start drinking a lot more to numb the pain.

Yay | to Netflix’s stock plummeting. Serves them right for making us pay more than $9.99/month to watch “Star Trek.”

Nay | to the listeria outbreak caused by contaminated cantaloupe at a Colorado farm. Which fruit are we supposed to delightfully pair with our Prosciutto de Parma now?

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